Pathfinding Workshops, ReVersed Giveaway & Next Drinkup!

Pathfinding Workshop: Freelancer Edition

IGDA Austria is offering a “Pathfinding Workshop: Freelancer Edition”. The talk will be hosted in RaumD at the MuseumsQuartier on the 13th of January 2017  from 14:00-17:00.

In our panel we will have Mag. Florian Kalchmair (independant tax consultant with experience in the games industry) and Lost In The Garden (independent games studio in Vienna, experience with subsidies).

This is a space where you can get informed on your options, ask all the questions you need to organize yourself on your career as a freelancer or business owner.
Attendance is free, reserve your spot here

ReVersed Giveaway

The ReVersed team is having a Christmas Giveaway! 3 bundles of 6 awesome games! Link below with more infos to participate.

Games by Parallel Circles, Bloodirony Games, Mi’pu’mi Games, Vlambeer, Broken Rules & Imakegames!

Our Next Drink Up!

We had an awesome time at our last Drink Up so we’ve decided, bring on the next one!! Mark your calendars, on Wednesday 15th of February 2017 in WerkzeugH at 19:00. Of course, this one is in Vienna but we’ll keep you updated for Drink Ups in other communities in Austria.




IGDA Austria Drinkup @Vrei

IGDA Drinkup 15.12.

IGDA Austria has finally launched!

Just like everything else, we’re putting a fresh coat of paint to bring you contemporary and frequently updated information on the latest events and things you need to know.

We want to make our next drink up special for all of you! We’re pleased to have partnered up with METALCAT, making it possible to give all of you a free drink during our gathering.
Also, who doesn’t like good ol’ games, we’re going to try something new by bringing you a game corner. We’ll be surprising you with a vintage console and game to go with it. If you want to feel reminiscent and possibly challenge other people, you’ll definitely love this.

And of course, the Global Game Jam is creeping up on us quickly. We’re happy to have one of our favorite developers Des Gayle, producer at Square Enix Collective, as our keynote speaker during the event. The sign up webpage as well as more information regarding the venue will be available soon!