June Drinkup & ReVersed Game Jam!

The IGDA Drinkup is back in town! Join the local gamedev community for a free drink at the VR-Bar VREI, sponsored by the always fun Apprien! This friday, on the 8th of June, 2018, 19h at VREI.

There’s apparently some collision with Play:Austria there, no worries, we will keep the party going long enough!

The ReVersed Game Jam is back! Find out more here.

Pathfinding Workshop & GGJ18

It’s back! 15h on the 26.1. @ RaumD, Vienna, our favourite games tax adviser Florian Kalchmair (HFP) will be talking about the Austrian tax system, founding a company, the most important things to keep in mind when employing or doing cooperative projects with someone, and wage dumping (and how dangerous it is). This will be in German only, though if there is enough interest, we will do an English version again!

The Global Game Jam is around the corner, so head over here to find out more!

Website troubles, Drinkup tomorrow, Des Gayle Talk & Workshop slides!

Hey everyone! We’ve been having some server problems, making it unable for us to post anything to the website D:

However, now that’s all sorted (fingers crossed) and we can start putting up the good stuff again!

IGDA Drinkup February

Tomorrow, the 15th of February, is going to be our February drinkup! This time, we are sponsored by the lovely people of LemonPI, be sure to drop by 19h at WerkzeugH.

Check out the Facebook event, and see who else is coming!

Workshop Slides

As promised, here are finally the workshop slides that accompanied the Pathfinding Workshop! Many thanks to Florian Kalchmair of the HFP Tax Consultancy!

Des Gayle Talk @ GGJ17 in Vienna

Last but not least, here is Des Gayle’s talk on being a producer at a game jam, working for Square Enix Collective and using game jams to find the next game to work on!

Austrian Game Jam Registrations

It’s time for the annual Global Game Jam!
Interested in participating? Here’s what you need to know:
Sign up here: http://globalgamejam.org/2017/jam-sites/austrian-game-jam
Where: Mobile Citylab OpenMarx in Vienna
When: from 5pm on January 20th through to January 22nd, 2017

Participants will be given a theme with which they will have 48 hours to create a game, after which they can be judged by our panel and given the Austrian Game Jam Prize!

Before the game jam officially kicks off, we have invited our good friend and indie developer/producer Des Gayle (Square Enix Collective, Digital Legends Entertainment, Exient Ltd) to hold a keynote speech at 2pm on Friday, open to all. During this opening ceremony, you will get to see some new Austrian projects, as well as try out the latest EIZO & Wacom have to offer, courtesy of our partner, CGShop!


Sign up here: http://globalgamejam.org/2017/jam-sites/austrian-game-jam

Where: Mobile Citylab OpenMarx in Vienna

When: from 5pm on January 20th through to January 22nd, 2017

 14:00:00    Des Gayle Speech      

14:30:00    Improv & Networking preparation      

17:00:00    Global Game Jam Keynote      


17:00   End Of Game Jam      

18:00   Revealing the winners; showing the winning project!      

How do I get there? 
The closest tram/S-Bahn station is Wien St.Marx 
The closest Ubahn station is the U3 Schlachthausgasse

Can I sleep there?
No, go home. And no tenting either unless you’re super secretive.

Where I can buy stuff? 
Around the corner you’ll find a Billa and a Hofer.

Is there a place of the premises where I can have alone time? 
There is, but we’ll only point it out to you if it’s not for “special” alone time.

What will be made available to us on location?
Tables, chairs and power strips

Can my friends and family come and observe my awesomeness? 
Yes of course, the more the merrier. Even those that don’t compete are allowed to be present. 

You’re allowed to eat on location. Also, there are restaurants and a bakery closeby. 

You can smoke outside. 

The GGJ is a free attendance event for all participants and audience.
Come a plenty, come all!